Prof. Dr. Marjoleine Zieck

Dr. M.Y.A. Zieck is Professor of International Refugee Law at the Amsterdam Law School of the University of Amsterdam. She studied visual arts, philosophy and public international law and acquired her PhD degree cum laude with a thesis on voluntary repatriation of refugees. Her research focuses on the mandate of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and durable solutions. She also contributes to the debates about the EU and its role toward refugees, e.g. in 'The European Refugee Crisis from a Vantage Point of View' in 2016. She is also Professor of Public International Law and the Pakistan College of Law, Lahore.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Rainer Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Rainer Hofmann is Professor of Public Law, Public International Law and European Law at Goethe University, Frankfurt and Co-Director of its Merton Centre for European Integration and international Economic Order. He is also President of the German Branch of the International Law Association. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he sits on the Executive and the Management Board of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency. He was a member in respect of Germany of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities from 1998-2004 and from 2008-2012, serving as its President from 1998-2004 and from 2010-2012.


Prof. JUDr. Pavel Šturma, DrSc.

Professor of International Law at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague and Chair of the UN International Law Commission. He is an author or co-author of 16 books and more than 150 articles and studies in International Law. The main topics of his research include human rights, codification of international law, international responsibility and international criminal law. He is the Head of the Department of International Law at the Law Faculty and of the Research Centre for Human Rights there. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Czech Yearbook of Public & Private International Law.


Prof. Emilio Cocco 

Dr. Emilio Cocco is an Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Teramo, Italy and Rector’s delegate for the academic relations with Adriatic-Ionian Region. His research interests revolve around sociological theory and mixed methodology applied to the borderlands such as the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe. Also, he has been specializing in the emerging field of maritime sociology and in the study of social dimension of the seas. Selected publications: 

  • (2018) “Where is the European frontier? The Balkan migration crisis and its impact on relations between the EU and the Western Balkans”, European View, 16: 293–302.  
  • (2016) “Recontinentalizing Europe: Terrestrial Conversion and Symbolic Exchanges at Europe’s Mediterranean Frontier” In Maher Susan, Tom Lynch, Drucilla Wall, Place, Time, Story,  Lyric: Writing the Geospatial Imagination, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press: 219-236


Petr Kostohryz

Petr Kostohryz has spent almost 20 years managing large scale assistance programmes for refugees and internally displaced in the Caucasus region, Central Asia, East Africa and the Middle East. He has worked in senior managerial positions with several NGOs, UNHCR and most recently as an advisor with the Danish government in Jordan and Iraq.

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