Prof. Ulrike BRANDL

Ulrike Brandl is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Law, Public International Law and European Union Law, Faculty of Law at the University of Salzburg. She is a co-editor of the online journal FABL (Fremden- und Asylrechtliche Blätter) and she has acted as European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA) National Coordinator since 1989.



Nataša Chmelíčková has been working at the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic since 2007. She is the acting head of the asylum legislation unit. She focuses on the transposition of the EU law into Czech legislation.


Prof. Emilio COCCO 

Emilio Cocco is an Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Teramo, Italy and Rector’s delegate for the academic relations with Adriatic-Ionian Region. His research interests revolve around sociological theory and mixed methodology applied to the borderlands such as the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe. He has been also specializing in the emerging field of maritime sociology and in the study of social dimension of the seas. Selected publications: 


Prof. Dr. Dr. Rainer HOFMANN

Rainer Hofmann is Professor of Public Law, Public International Law and European Law at Goethe University, Frankfurt and Co-Director of its Merton Centre for European Integration and international Economic Order. He is also President of the German Branch of the International Law Association. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he sits on the Executive and the Management Board of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency. He was a member in respect of Germany of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities from 1998-2004 and from 2008-2012, serving as its President from 1998-2004 and from 2010-2012.



Věra Honusková is a Senior Lecturer of international law at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. In her research and lectures, Dr. Honusková focuses on refugee, migration and human rights law. She developed a Migration teaching module, which enables students to gain knowledge and skills in the field of both international and national refugee and migration law. She regularly participates in conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad and has published extensively in the aforementioned fields. She is one of the creators of the design of the Camp Peira exercise (the civilian part).


Assist. Prof. Dr. Moritz JESSE

Moritz Jesse is Associate Professor of European Union Law at the Europa Institute of Leiden Law School. Before joining the Europa Institute, Jesse obtained his PhD in European Union Law at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. His thesis bears the title “The Civic Citizens of Europe – Legal Realities for Immigrants in Europe and the Legal Potential for their Integration” (published with Brill-Nijhoff in 2017). His work analyses the law ofthe EU, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom with regard to its influence on the integration of immigrants. His teaching and research focus on the EU's internal market, the free movement of persons, European Citizenship, as well as EU migration law.


Prof. Boldizsár NAGY

Boldizsár Nagy received his PhD in Law at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest. He teaches international law and asylum law at the Central European University. Prof. Nagy has acted as  an expert for the UNHCR, the Council of Europe, and the European Union (EU). He also acted as a counsel for Hungary in the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project case before the International Court of Justice. He is one of the founders of the European Society of International Law and an editor in-chief of the on-line Rerugee Law Reader. Further details  including  a bibliography – are available at his webiste:


Prof. Dr. Marjoleine ZIECK

Marjoleine Zieck is Professor of International Refugee Law at the Amsterdam Law School of the University of Amsterdam. She studied visual arts, philosophy and public international law and acquired her PhD degree cum laude with a thesis on voluntary repatriation of refugees. Her research focuses on the mandate of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and durable solutions. She also contributes to the debates about the EU and its role toward refugees, e.g. in 'The European Refugee Crisis from a Vantage Point of View' in 2016. She is also Professor of Public International Law and the Pakistan College of Law, Lahore.





Petr Kostohryz has spent almost 20 years managing large scale assistance programmes for refugees and internally displaced in the Caucasus region, Central Asia, East Africa and the Middle East. He has worked in senior managerial positions with several NGOs, UNHCR and most recently as an advisor with the Danish government in Jordan and Iraq.


Dr. Tamás MOLNÁR

Tamás Molnár works as a legal research officer in the Research and Data Unit of the EU Agency for the Fundamental Rights (FRA). His areas of expertise with respect to the FRA’s work include: fundamental rights of irregular migrants; return and readmission, including detention; anti-smuggling; EU asylum acquis and visa policy as well as horizontal issues of public international law. He studied law in Budapest and Brussels (LLM on EU law), and holds a PhD in international law (Budapest). He is also a visiting lecturer of international law and EU migration law at the Corvinus University of Budapest and the Faculty of Law at the University of Szeged. During the Hungarian Presidency of the EU Council, Dr. Molnár acted as the chair of the Migration-Expulsion Working Party and the deputy chair of the Strategic Committee on Immigration, Frontiers and Asylum (SCIFA).


doc. Dr. iur.​ Harald SCHEU, Mag. phil., PhD

Harald Scheu, educated at the University of Salzburg (Dr. iur., 1995, Mag. phil., 1996) and the University of Prague (Ph.D., 1997, Doc., 2006), is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of European Law of the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. He teaches and conducts research in the fields of International and European Law and International Human Rights Law. He is also a member of the Council of the Government of the Czech Republic for Human Rights (since 2013) and a member of the Czech Government’s Legislative Council (since 2014). Since 2015 he has been member of the Management Board of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.


Prof. JUDr. Pavel ŠTURMA, DrSc.

Professor of International Law at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague and Chair of the UN International Law Commission. He is an author or co-author of 16 books and more than 150 articles and studies in International Law. The main topics of his research include human rights, codification of international law, international responsibility and international criminal law. He is the Head of the Department of International Law at the Law Faculty and of the Research Centre for Human Rights there. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Czech Yearbook of Public & Private International Law.




Prof. Ashley Binetti Armstrong, J.D, LL.M.

Ashley Binetti Armstrong received her J.D. cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center, with certificates in Transnational Legal Studies and Refugee and Humanitarian Emergencies. She teaches the first-year Lawyering course at NYU Law. Prior to joining NYU, Armstrong led the Human Rights Institute at Georgetown University Law Center as the Dash-Muse Teaching Fellow. Previously, Armstrong acted as Chief Operating Officer at the National Whistleblower Center where she facilitated the launch of the Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program and represented SEC, IRS, and qui tam whistleblowers. Armstrong also served as the inaugural Hillary Rodham Clinton Law Fellow at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS), and has volunteered with the UNHCR Global Learning Center in Budapest, Amnesty International, Human Rights First, and the Human Rights Foundation.


Mgr. Michal Frankl, Ph.D.

Mgr. Michal Frankl, PhD is a historian and a senior researcher at the Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences focusing on the history of refugees in East-Central Europe. Together with Kateřina Čapková, he is the author of Unsichere Zuflucht (Böhlau 2012), a history of Czechoslovak refugee policy in the 1930s. Currently, he prepares a book about the refugee no man's land in the 1930s and he is the Principal Investigator of the ERC Consolidator project "Unlikely refuge? Refugees and citizens in East-Central Europe in the 20th century".


Maja Grundler, M.A., MSc.

Maja Grundler is Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar at Queen Mary University of London's School of Law. Her PhD research focuses on the connections between human trafficking, smuggling and asylum. Maja holds an MA in British Studies from the Humboldt-University of Berlin and an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from the University of Oxford and has experience in refugee legal aid and refugee social work. Her main research interests include the elements and boundaries of the refugee definition, freedom of movement and borders.


Ass.Prof. Mag.​ Dr. Albert Kraler

Albert Kraler is a political scientist and Assistant Professor at the Department of Migration and Globalization of the Danube University in Krems. Albert’s current research focuses on migration governance and the governance of international protection, migration policy making, and effects of migration policies on migrants themselves. His past research includes a wide range of themes, including the situation of migrants in countries affected by violent crises or natural disasters, regularisation of irregular immigrants, quantitative dimensions of irregular migrants, and family related migration and family migration policies


Mgr. Bc. Markéta Křižáková

Markéta Křižáková is a PhD candidate at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. She is a junior lecturer of international public law and focuses on refugee and migration law at international and European level. Her PhD project deals with the solution of refugee crisis in European region. She also focuses on migration and refugee law in her legal practice in a position of a legal assistant of judge at the Municipal Court in Prague.


Julia Lindner, LL. M.

Julia Lindner is a research associate at the chair of Public International Law, European Law and Public Law of Prof. Dr Steiger and at the School of International Studies at TU Dresden. She studied law (2012 - 2017) at the University of Leipzig, Germany and completed an LL.M. in International Law at the University of Aberdeen, UK in 2018 with distinction. Her research focuses on International Human Rights Law and International Migration Law, in particular, human rights at borders. She is a counselor and member of the Refugee Law Clinic Leipzig.


Francesca Maoli, Ph.D.

Francesca Maoli is a Contract Research Fellow in European Union Law at the University of Genoa, Department of Political Sciences, where she obtained a PhD in May 2018 with a focus on European private international law of successions. Her PhD thesis was awarded the 2019 award of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Genoa. She is adjunct professor in International and European Diplomatic and Consular Law (academic years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020). In the last two years, she worked on a EU co-funded research project on the best interests of the child in international abduction procedures. Her main research interests concern international and EU law in family and succession matters, with particular reference to the fundamental rights of the child.


Dr. Rossana Palladino, Ph.D.

Rossana Palladino is a Senior Researcher and Assistant Professor of European Union Law and EU Migration Law at the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Salerno, Italy and the Jean Monnet Module Leader “Asylum-Seekers Protection Under Evolution (Pro-Asyl)” (European Commission, 2017-2020). She is author of 3 peer-reviewed books and more than 40 articles and studies in EU law. The main topics of her research include EU Law; the EU Area of freedom, security and justice; fundamental rights; migration law; social rights. She is the Editorial Board-Coordinator of the online Journal Freedom, Security & Justice: European Legal Studies.


Alma Stankovic, B.A., J.D.

Alma Stankovic is a PhD candidate at the University of Graz and part of the team of the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy at the University of Graz (Uni-ETC). Her work focuses on researching and teaching human rights, migration, transnational governance, and refugee law. She is an attorney at law in the states of California and New York as well as the District of Columbia  and has previously worked as a practising attorney for high level NGOs, including the Clinton Foundation in New York and Public Counsel Law Center in Los Angeles, where she conducted legal advocacy, policy development, and litigation on behalf of immigrants and persons living in poverty.


Adya Surbhi, LL. B., LL.M.

Adya Surbhi is an Assistant Professor at the O. P. Jindal Global University, India. Her work focuses on international human rights law, use of military force, international humanitarian law as well as on the intersection of international law and business laws.


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